The Poem of the Man-God

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539.The Judaeans in Lazarus' House._
540.The Judaeans with Martha and Mary._
541.Martha Sends a Servant to Inform the Master._
542.Lazarus' Death._
543.The Servant of Bethany Informs Jesus of Martha's Message._
544.At Lazarus' Funeral._
545.Jesus Decides to Go to Lazarus._
546.Resurrection of Lazarus._
547.In Jerusalem and in the Temple after the Resurrection of Lazarus._
548.At Bethany after the Resurrection of Lazarus._
549.Going to Ephraim._
550.The First Day at Ephraim._
551.Jesus Respects the Precept of Love More Than the Sabbatic Law._
552.The Following Day at Ephraim. Parable on the Remembrance of Man's Eternal Destiny._
553.Jesus Explains to Peter the Mandate for Remitting Sins and Why Saints and Innocents Suffer._
554.On a Sabbath at Ephraim Jesus Speaks in the Synagogue._
555.The Arrival of the Relatives of the Children with Many People of Shechem._
556.The Parable of the Drop That Excavates the Rock._
557.Pilgrims Arrive in Ephraim from the Decapolis. Manaen's Secret Mission._
558.The Secret Meeting with Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus._
559.The Saphorim Samuel._
560.What People Say at Nazareth._
561.False Disciples Arrive in Shechem. At Ephraim Jesus Restores the Tongue to the Dumb Slave of Claudia Procula._
562.The Man of Jabneel._
563.Samuel, Judas of Kerioth and John. Parable of the Bees._
564.At Ephraim, before and after the Arrival of Jesus' Mother and of the Women Disciples with Lazarus._
565.Parable of the Tom Cloth and Miracle of the Woman in Childbed. Judas of Kerioth Is Caught Stealing._
566.Farewell to Ephraim. Going towards Shilo._
567.At Shiloh. First Parable on Advice._
568.At Lebonah. Second Parable on Advice._
569.Arrival at Shechem._
570.At Shechem. Third Parable on Advice._
571.Leaving for Enon._
572.At Enon. The Young Shepherd Benjamin._
573.Jesus Is Rejected by the Samaritans. With Judas of Kerioth._
574.The Rich Young Man._
575.The Third Prophecy of the Passion. The Request of Zebedee's sons._
576.Meeting with the Disciples Led by Manaen and Arrival at Jericho._
577.With Some Unknown Disciples._
578.Prophecy on Israel. Miracles Worked During the Journey from Jericho to Bethany._
579.Arrival at Bethany._
580.The Friday before the Entry into Jerusalem. Judas of Kerioth Impenitent._
581.The Friday before the Entry into Jerusalem. Farewell to the Women Disciples and the Encounter with an Unhappy Child._
582.The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem. Parable of the Two Lamps and the Parable Applied to the Miracle on Shalem._
583.The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem. Pilgrims and Judaeans at Bethany._
584.The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem. The Supper at Bethany._
585.Farewell to Lazarus._
586.Judas Goes to the Leaders of the Sanhedrin._
587.From Bethany to Jerusalem._
588.Jesus Enters into Jerusalem._
589.The Evening of Palm Sunday._
590.The Monday before Passover. The Cursed Fig-Tree and the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen._
591.Monday Night before Passover. Teachings to the Apostles at Gethsemane._
592.The Tuesday Morning before Passover. The Questions of the Tribute to Caesar and of the Resurrection of the Dead._
593.The Tuesday Night before Passover. Other Teachings to the Apostles._
594.The Wednesday before Passover. From the Discussions with Scribes and Pharisees to the Eschatological Discourse. The Widow's Mite._
595.The Night of the Wednesday before Passover. Last Teachings to the Apostles._
596.The Thursday before Passover. Preparation for the Supper and Announcement of the Glorification through Death._
597.The Thursday Evening before Passover. Arrival at the Supper-Room and Farewell to the Mother._
598.The Passover Supper._

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