The Poem of the Man-God

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312.The Beginning of the Third Year at Nazareth, while Preparing for Departure._
313.Departure from Nazareth._
314.Towards Jiphthahel._
315.Jesus' Farewell to the Two Disciples._
316.Jesus' Sorrow, Prayer and Penance._
317.Leaving Ptolemais for Tyre._
318.Departure from Tyre on a Cretan Ship._
319.Storm and Miracles on the Ship._
320.Arrival and Landing at Seleucia._
321.From Seleucia to Antioch._
322.At Antigonea._
323.Farewell to Antioch after Preaching._
324.Return of the Eight Apostles and Arrival at Achzib._
325.At Achzib with Six Apostles._
326.Evangelizing at the Border of Phoenicia._
327.Arrival at Alexandroscene._
328.The Day after at Alexandroscene. Parable of the Vineyard Labourers._
329.The Sons of Thunder. Going towards Achzib with the Shepherd Annas._
330.The Cananean Mother._
331.Bartholomew Has Understood and Suffered._
332.On the Way Back to Galilee._
333.Meeting Judas Iscariot and Thomas._
334.Ishmael Ben Fabi. The Parable of the Banquet._
335.Jesus at Nazareth with His Cousins and with Peter and Thomas._
336.The Crippled Woman of Korazim._
337.Going towards Saphet. The Parable of the Good Farmer._
338.Going towards Meiron._
339.At Hillel's Sepulchre at Giscala._
340.The Deaf-Mute Cured near the Phoenician Border._
341.At Kedesh. The Signs of the Times._
342.Going towards Caesarea Philippi. Peter's Primacy._
343.At Caesarea Philippi._
344.At the Castle in Caesarea Paneas._
345.Jesus Predicts His Passion for the First Time. Peter Is Reproached._
346.Prophecy on Peter and Marjiam. The Blind Man at Bethsaida._
347.From Capernaum to Nazareth with Manaen and the Women Disciples._
348.The Transfiguration and the Curing of the Epileptic._
349.Lesson to the Disciples after the Transfiguration._
350.The Tribute to the Temple and the Stater in the Mouth of the Fish._
351.The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Little Benjamin of Capernaum._
352.Second Miracle of the Loaves._
353.The Bread from Heaven._
354.Nicolaus of Antioch. Second Announcement of the Passion._
355.Going towards Gadara._
356.The Night at Gadara and the Sermon on Divorce._
357.At Pella._
358.In Matthias' House beyond Jabesh-Gilead._
359.Rose of Jericho._
360.Miracle on the Jordan in Flood._
361.On the Other Bank. Jesus Meets His Mother and the Women Disciples._
362.At Ramah. The Number of the Elect._
363.At the Temple. The "Our Father" and a Parable on True Sons._
364.At Gethsemane and Bethany._
365.Letters from Antioch._
366.The Thursday before Passover. Morning Preliminaries._
367.The Thursday before Passover. At the Temple._
368.The Thursday before Passover. Instructions to the Apostles._
369.The Thursday before Passover. In Johanna of Chuza's House._
370.The Thursday before Passover. The Evening._
371.Preparation Day. The Morning._
372.Preparation Day. At the Temple._
373.Preparation Day. In the Streets of Jerusalem._
374.Preparation Day. The Evening._
375.The Sabbath of the Unleavened Bread._
376.Mary Has Chosen the Better Part._
377.Jesus Speaks at Bethany._
378.Towards Mount Adomin._
379.After the Retreat upon Mount Cherith._
380.The Parable of the Unfaithful Steward. Essenes and Pharisees._
381.In Nike's House._
382.At the Ford between Jericho and Bethabara._
383.In Solomon's House. Old Ananias._
384.At the Cross-Road near Solomon's Village. Parable of the Labour Agents._
385.Towards the Western Bank of the Jordan._
386.At Gilgal. The Beggar Ogla. The Twelve Stones._
387.Towards Engedi. Taking Leave of Judas Iscariot and Simon Zealot._
388.Arrival at Engedi._
389.Preaching and Miracles at Engedi._
390.Elisha of Engedi._
391.At Masada._
392.At the Country House of Mary Mother of Judas._
393.Farewell to Kerioth. Parable of the Two Wills._
394.Anne of Kerioth. Farewell to Judas' Mother._
395.Farewell to Juttah._
396.Farewell to Hebron._
397.Farewell to Bethzur._
398.At Bether._
399.Jesus at Bether with Peter and Bartholomew._
400.Farewell to Bether._
401.Simon of Jonah' Struggle and Spiritual Victory._
402.Going towards Emmaus on the Plain._
403.Little Michael and Preaching near Emmaus on the Plain._
404.At Joppa Jesus Speaks to Judas of Kerioth and to Some Gentiles._
405.In the Estate of Nicodemus. The Parable of the Two Sons._
406.At the Estate of Joseph of Arimathea._
407.In the House of Joseph of Arimathea on a Sabbath. John, a Member of the Sanhedrin._
408.The Apostles Speak._
409.The Miraculous Gleaning in the Plain._
410.The Lily of the Valley._
411.In Jerusalem for Pentecost._
412.Jesus at the Banquet of Helkai, the Pharisee and Member of the Sanhedrin._
413.At Bethany._
414.The Beggar on the Road to Jericho._
415.The Conversion of Zacchaeus._
416.At Solomon's Village._
417.In a Little Village of the Decapolis. Parable of the Sculptor._
418.The Demoniac of the Decapolis._
419.The Yeast of the Pharisees._
420.Consider Yourselves Unprofitable Servants._
421.The Repentant Sinner Is always To Be Forgiven._
422.Martyrdom for Love Is Absolution._
423.At Caesarea on the Sea. Parable of the Father Who Gives Each of His Children the Same Amount of Money._
424.At Caesarea on the Sea. The Roman Ladies and the Slave Galla Ciprina._
425.Aurea Galla._
426.Parable of the Vineyard and of Free Will._
427.Going about the Plain of Esdraelon._
428.The Fallen Nest and the Scribe Johanan ben Zaccai._
429.The Journey in the Plain of Esdraelon Continues._
430.Near Sephoris, with Johanan's Peasants._
431.Arrival at Nazareth._
432.Parable of Painted Wood._
433.The Sabbaths in the Peace of Nazareht._
434.Before Being a Mother, the Blessed Virgin Is a Daughter and Servant of God._
435.Jesus and His Mother Converse._
436.The Blessed Virgin at Tiberias._
437.Aurea Does the Will of God._
438.Another Sabbath at Nazareth._
439.The Departure from Nazareth and the Journey towards Bethlehem in Galilee._
440.Judas of Kerioth with the Blessed Virgin at Nazareth._
441.The Death of Marjiam's Grandfather._
442.Jesus Speaks of Charity to the Apostles._
443.Arrival at Tiberias. Parable of the Rain on the Vine._
444.Arrival at Capernaum._
445.Preaching at Capernaum._
446.At Magdala. Parable on Good and Bad Will._
447.Little Alphaeus of Meroba._
448.At the Village before Hippo._
449.Morning Sermon in the Village on the Lake._
450.Near the Place of the Leper. Parable on the Ten Commandments._
451.At Hippo. Love for the Poor. Cure of an Old Slave._
452.Towards Gamala. The Blessed Virgin's Love in Doing the Will of God._
453.Near Gamala, Jesus Entrusts the Church to the Blessed Virgin and Speaks of Mercy on Oppressed People._
454.From Gamala to Aphek._
455.Preaching at Aphek._
456.At Gherghesa and Return to Capernaum._
457.Be as Wise as Serpents and as Simple as Doves._
458.The Sabbath at Capernaum._
459.At Johanna of Chuza's. Letters from Antioch._
460.At the Thermal Baths of Emmaus of Tiberias._
461.At Tarichea. Galatia, the Sinner._
462.In Chuza's Country House. The Tempting Proposal Made to Jesus and Made Known by the Disciple Jesus Loved._
463.At Bethsaida and Capernaum. Departure on a New Journey._
464.In the House of Judas and Anne near Lake Merom._
465.Parable on the Distribution of Waters._
466.Judas Iscariot Fills Jesus with Joy._
467.Farewell to the Few Believers in Korazim._
468.Jesus Speaks of Matrimony to a Mother-in-law._
469.Jesus Speaks to Barnabas of the Law of Love._
470.A Judgement of Jesus._
471.Cure of the Boy Born Blind from Sidon._
472.A Vision that Is Lost in a Rapture of Love._
473.Going towards Sephoris._
474.Jesus with the Leprous Sinners of Bethlehem in Galilee._
475.Jesus and His Mother in the Wood of Mattathias._
476.Jesus Converses with Joseph of Alphaeus._
477.Awaiting Johanan's Peasants near the Jezreel Tower._
478.Taking to the Road Again towards Engannim._
479.Jesus and John Arrive at Engannim._
480.Jesus and the Samaritan Shepherd._
481.The Ten Lepers near Ephraim._
482.At Ephraim. Parable of the Pomegranate._
483.At Bethany for the Feast of the Tabernacles._
484.At the Temple: «The Kingdom of God Does Not Come with Pomp »._
485.At the Temple: «Do You Know Me and Where I Come from? »._
486.At the Temple: «I Shall Remain with You for Only a Short Time Now »._
487.At Nob. The Miracle on the Wind._
488.Jesus at the Camp of the Galileans with His Apostle Cousins._
489.On the Last Day of the Feast of the Tabernacles. The Living Water._
490.At Bethany. «One Can Kill in Many Ways »._
491.Near the Fountain of En-Rogel._
492.The Pharisees and the Adulterous Woman._
493.Instructions on the Road to Bethany._
494.At the Village of Solomon and in His House._
495.Jesus and Simon of Jonas._
496.Jesus to Thaddeus and to James of Zebedee._
497.The Man from Petra, near Heshbon._
498.Descending from Mount Nebo._
499.Parable of the Father Who Praises His Far-away Children. Cure of the Little Blind Children Fara and Tamar._
500.Divine and Diabolical Possessions._
501.The Wife of the Sadducean Necromancer._
502.Death of Ananias._
503.The Parable of the Unscrupulous Judge._
504.Jesus, Light of the World._
505.Jesus Speaks in the Temple to the Incredulous Judaeans._
506.In Joseph's House at Sephoris. Little Martial Named Manasseh._
507.The Old Priest Matan (or Natan)._
508.The Cure of the Man Born Blind._
509.At Nob. Judas of Kerioth Lies._
510.Among the Ruins of a Destroyed Village._
511.At Emmaus in the Mountains. Parable of the Rich Wise Man and of the Poor Ignorant Boy._
512.The Undecided Young Man. Miracles and Admonitions at Beth-Horon._
513.Towards Gibeon. The Reasons for Jesus' Sorrow._
514.At Gibeon. The Wisdom of Love._
515.Returning to Jerusalem._
516.Jesus, the Good Shepherd._
517.Towards Bethany and in Lazarus' House._
518.Going to Tekoah. Old Elianna._
519.At Tekoah._
520.Arrival at Jericho. Zacchaeus' Apostolate._
521.At Jericho. Two Parables: That of the Sick and the Healthy, and That of the Pharisee and the Publican._
522.In Zacchaeus' House with the Converts. The Soul and the Error of Reincarnation._
523.Sabea of Bethlechi._
524.At Bethabara, Remembering the Baptist._
525.Going Back to Nob. Jesus' Omniscience._
526.At Nob. Judas of Kerioth's Return._
527.At Nob during the Following Days. Hidden Possessions._
528.Judas of Kerioth Is Lustful._
529.Jesus Speaks to Valeria of Matrimony and Divorce. The Miracle of Little Levi._
530.Jesus and the Prostitute Sent to Tempt Him._
531.Jesus and Judas of Kerioth Going towards Jerusalem._
532.In the Synagogue of the Roman Freedmen._
533.Judas Iscariot and Jesus' Enemies._
534.The Seven Lepers Cured. Instructions to the Apostles and Arrival at Bethany._
535.At the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple._
536.Jesus Goes to the Grotto of the Nativity to be Alone._
537.Jesus and John of Zebedee._
538.Jesus with John and Manaen. End of the Third Year._

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