The Poem of the Man-God

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44.Farewell to His Mother and Departure from Nazareth._
45.Jesus Is Baptised in the Jordan._
46.Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert by the Devil._
47.Jesus Meets John and James._
48.John and James Speak to Peter about the Messiah._
49.First Meeting of Peter and the Messiah._
50.Jesus at Bethsaida in Peter's House. He Meets Philip and Nathanael._
51.Judas Thaddeus at Bethsaida to Invite Jesus to the Wedding at Cana._
52.Jesus at the Wedding at Cana._
53.Jesus Drives the Merchants out of the Temple._
54.Jesus Meets Judas Iscariot and Thomas and Cures Simon the Zealot._
55.Thomas Becomes a Disciple._
56.Judas of Alphaeus, Thomas and Simon Are Accepted as Disciples at the Jordan._
57.Return to Nazareth after Passover with the Six Disciples._
58.Cure of a Blind Man at Capernaum._
59.The Demoniac of Capernaum cured in the Synagogue._
60.Cure of Simon Peter's Mother-in-law._
61.Jesus Preaches and Works Miracles in Peter's House._
62.Jesus Prays at Night._
63.The Leper Cured near Korazim._
64.The Paralytic Cured in Peter's House._
65.The Miraculous Draught of Fishes._
66.The Iscariot Finds Jesus at Gethsemane and is Accepted as a Disciple._
67.Jesus Works the Miracle of the Broken Blades at the Fish Gate._
68.Jesus Preaches in the Temple. Judas Iscariot is with Him._
69.Jesus Teaches Judas Iscariot._
70.Jesus Meets John of Zebedee at Gethsemane._
71.Jesus with Judas Iscariot Meets Simon Zealot and John._
72.Jesus, John, Simon and Judas go to Bethlehem._
73.Jesus at Bethlehem in the Peasant's House and in the Grotto._
74.Jesus Goes to the Hotel in Bethlehem and Preaches from the Ruins of Anne's House._
75.Jesus and the Shepherds Elias, Levi and Joseph._
76.Jesus at Juttah with the Shepherd Isaac._
77.Jesus at Hebron. Zacharias' House. Aglae._
78.Jesus at Kerioth. Death of Old Saul._
79.Jesus on His Way Rack Stops with the Shepherds near Hebron._
80.Jesus Returns to the Mountain Where He Fasted and to the Rock of Temptation._
81.At the Jordan Ford. Meeting with the Shepherds John, Matthias and Simeon._
82.Judas Iscariot Tells of how He Sold Aglae's Jewels to Diomedes._
83.Jesus Cries on account of Judas and Simon Zealot Comforts Him._
84.Jesus Meets Lazarus at Bethany._
85.Jesus Goes Back to Jerusalem, and Listens to Judas Iscariot in the Temple and then Goes to Gethsemane._
86.Jesus Speaks to the Soldier Alexander at the Fish Gate._
87.Jesus and Isaac near Doco. Departure towards Esdraelon._
88.Jesus with the Shepherd Jonah in the Plain of Esdraelon._
89.Return to Nazareth after Leaving Jonah._
90.The Next Day in the House in Nazareth._
91.Jesus' Lesson to His Disciples in the Olive-Grove._
92.Jesus' Lesson to His Disciples near His Home._
93.The Lesson to the Disciples in the Presence of the Most Holy Virgin in the Garden in Nazareth._
94.Cure of the Beauty of Korazim. Sermon in the Synagogue at Capernaum._
95.James of Alphaeus Is Received among the Disciples. Jesus Preaches near Matthew's Customs Bench._
96.Jesus Preaches to the Crowd at Bethsaida._
97.The Call of Matthew._
98.Jesus on the Lake of Tiberias. Lesson to His Disciples near the Same Town._
99.Jesus Looks for Jonathan in the House of Chuza at Tiberias._
100.Jesus in the House of His Uncle Alphaeus and then at His Own Home._
101.Jesus Questions His Mother about His Disciples._
102.Cure of Johanna of Chuza near Cana._
103.Jesus on Lebanon with the Shepherds Benjamin and Daniel._
104.Jesus in the Sea-Town Receives Letters Concerning Jonah._
105.Jesus Makes Peace with His Cousin Simon in the House of Mary of Alphaeus._
106.Jesus Is Driven Out of Nazareth and He Comforts His Mother. Reflections on Four Contemplations._
107.Jesus in the House of Johanna of Chuza with His Mother._
108.Jesus at the Vintage in the House of Anne. Miracle of a Paralytic Child._
109.Jesus at Doras' House. Death of Jonah._
110.Jesus in the House of Jacob near Lake Merom._
111.Return to the Jordan Ford near Jericho._
112.Jesus in the House of Lazarus. Martha Speaks of the Magdalene._
113.In Lazarus' House Again after the Tabernacles. Invitation of Joseph of Arimathea._
114.Jesus Meets Gamaliel at the Banquet of Joseph of Arimathea._
115.Cure of the Little Dying Boy. The Soldier Alexander. Intimation to Jesus._
116.Jesus Speaks to Nicodemus, at Night, at Gethsemane._
117.Jesus at Lazarus' House Before Going to the «Clear Water»._
118.Jesus at the «Clear Water». Preliminaries for Life in Common with the Disciples._
119.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «I am the Lord Your God»._
120.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You shall have no gods in My Presence»._
121.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You shall not take My Name in vain»._
122.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «Honour Your Father and Your Mother»._
123.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Fornicate»._
124.The «Veiled Woman» at the «Clear Water»._
125.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «Observe Holy Days»._
126.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Kill». Death of Doras._
127.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «Do Not Put the Lord Your God to the Test». The Three Disciples of the Baptist._
128.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbour's Wife»._
129.Jesus at the «Clear Water». He Cures the Mad Roman and Speaks to the Romans._
130.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Bear False Witness»._
131.Jesus at the «Clear Water»: «You Shall Not Covet What Belongs to Your Neighbour»_
132.Jesus at the «Clear Water». Closure._
133.Jesus Leaves the «Clear Water» and Goes towards Bethany._
134.Cure of Jerusa, the Woman of Doco Afflicted with Cancer._
135.At Bethany in the House of Simon Zealot._
136.The Feast of Dedication in Lazarus' House with the Shepherds._
137.Return to the «Clear Water»._
138.A New Disciple. Departure for Galilee._
139.On the Mountains near Emmaus._
140.In the House of Cleopas, the Head of the Synagogue._

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