589. The Evening of Palm Sunday.

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Jesus is with His apostles in the peace of the Garden of the Mount of Olives. It is evening. A tepid evening with a full moon. They are sitting on the natural seats that are the terraces of the olive-grove, on the first ones, which face the glade situated at the beginning of Gethsemane. The Kidron is gurgling among its stones and seems to be talking to itself. One can hear only the song of an odd nightingale or feel the breath of the breeze. Nothing else.

Jesus is speaking.

« After the triumph of this morning your spirits are quite different. What shall I say? That your minds are relieved? Oh! yes! From a human point of view they are relieved. You entered the town trembling because of My words. Each of you seemed to fear that hired ruffians on the other side of the walls were ready to attack him and take him prisoner.

In every man there is another man who reveals himself in the most dangerous hours. There is the hero, who in the hours of greater danger emerges from the meek type of man that the world had always known him to be and had considered unimportant, the hero who faces a struggle saying: “Here I am”, who says to the enemy, to an overbearing opponent: “Compete with me”. And there is the saint who, while the others run away, struck with terror before wild people looking for victims, says: “Take me as a hostage and for your sacrifice. I will pay on behalf of everybody.” And there is the cynic who avails himself of the general misfortune and laughs over the bodies of the victims. There is the traitor, who has a courage of his own, that of evil. The traitor who is the amalgamation of the cynic with the coward, and that is also a category that reveals itself in dangerous hours. Because they cynically take advantage of a misfortune and in a cowardly way they join the stronger party, daring to face the scorn of enemies and the curses of the forlorn, provided they make a profit. Lastly there is the most widespread type, the coward who in the dangerous hour can but repent of having made known that he belonged to a party and to a man, now struck with anathema, and runs away… Such a coward is not so criminal as the cynic or so revolting as the traitor. But he always shows the imperfection of his spiritual structure. You… are such. Do not say that you are not. I can read consciences.

This morning you were thinking among yourselves: “What will happen to us? Are we going to our death as well?” And your lower part was moaning: “When ever!…” Yes. But have I ever deceived you? With My first words I spoke to you of persecutions and death. And when one of you, through excess of admiration, wanted to see Me and introduce Me as a king, as one of the poor kings of the Earth, always a poor king even if the king and restorer of the kingdom of Israel, I immediately corrected the error and I said: “I am king of the spirit. I offer hardships, sacrifices, sorrows. I have nothing else. I have nothing else here on the Earth. But after My death and your death in My faith, I will give you an eternal Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.” Did I perhaps say something different to you? No. You say I did not.

And then you also said: “This is all we want: we want to be with You, and to be treated, to suffer like You, for You.” Yes. That is what you said. And you were sincere. Because you were reasoning like children, like thoughtless children. You thought that it was easy for you to follow Me, and you were so full of the treble sensuality that you could not admit that what I was mentioning to you was true. You thought: “He is the Son of God. He is saying that to test our love. No man will be able to strike Him. Since He works miracles, He will be able to work a great one for Himself!” And each of you would add: “I cannot believe that He may be betrayed, captured, killed.” Your human faith in My power was so strong that you went to the extent of not having faith in My words, the true, spiritual, holy and sanctifying Faith.

“He Who works miracles will certainly work one in His own favour!” you were saying. I will work not one, but many more. And two of them will be such as no mind of man can possibly imagine. They will be such as only the believers in the Lord can acknowledge. All other people, to the end of time, will say: “Impossible!” And even after My death I shall be the object of contradiction for many.

On a mild spring morning from a mountain I announced the various beatitudes. There is still another one: “Blessed are those who can believe without seeing.” Going through Palestine I have already said: “Blessed are those who listen to the word of God and keep it”, and also: “Blessed are those who do the will of God” and I said many more, because in the house of My Father many are the joys awaiting saints. But there is also this one. Oh! Blessed are those who will believe without seeing with the eyes of their bodies! They will be so holy that, although on the Earth, they already see God, the God hidden in the Mystery of love.

But after being with Me for three years, you have not yet arrived at that faith. And you believe only what you see. So, as from this morning, after the triumph, you are saying: “It is just what we said. He is triumphing. And we with Him.” And, like birds that are fledging again after their feathers have been torn off by some cruel person, you are flying off, beside yourselves with joy, sure of yourselves, free from the constraints that My words had put in your hearts. Are you more relieved also in your spirits? No, your spirits are even less relieved. Because you are even less prepared for the impending hour. You have drunk the hosannas like a strong agreeable wine. And you are inebriated with it. Is an inebriated man ever strong? The little hand of a child is sufficient to make him stagger and fall. That is what you are like. And the sight of hired ruffians will be enough to make you run away like timid gazelles, which see the sharp muzzle of a jackal appear near the rock of a mountain and, as fast as the wind, they scatter through the solitude of the desert.

Oh! make sure you do not die of dreadful thirst in that burning arena, which is the world without God! My dear friends, do not say what Isaiah says referring to this false and dangerous state of your spirits. Do not say: “He speaks of nothing but conspiracies. But there is nothing to fear, nothing to be afraid of. We must not be afraid of what He prophesies to us. Israel loves Him. And we have seen that.” How often the delicate bare foot of a little boy treads on the grass of a flowery meadow, picking flowers to take them to his mother, and he thinks that he will find only stems and flowers, and instead he lays his heel on the head of a snake, and is bitten by it and dies! The flowers were concealing the snake. Also this morning… that happened also this morning! I am the Condemned man crowned with roses. Roses!… How long do roses last? What is left of them once their corollas shed their snow-white scented petals? Thorns.

I – Isaiah said so – shall be for you, and with you I say that I shall be the sanctuary for the world, but also the stumbling-stone, the chief culprit, the snare and ruin for Israel and the Earth. I will sanctify those who have good will and I will overthrow and crush those who have an evil will. The angels do not speak false words or words that last a short time. They come from God, Who is Truth and is Eternal, and what they say is the truth and their words are immutable. They said: “Peace to men of good will”. Then, o Earth, Your Saviour was born. Now your Redeemer is going to His death. But to have peace from God, that is, sanctification and glory, it is necessary to have “good will”. Useless is My birth, useless My death for those who do not have that good will. My crying and My deathrattle,

My first step and the last one, the wound of My circumcision and that of My consummation, will have been of no avail if in you, if in men, there is not the good will to redeem and sanctify yourselves. And I say to you: A very large number of people will stumble against Me, whilst I am placed as a supporting pillar, and not as a snare for man, and they will fall because, being inebriated with pride, lust and avarice, they will be entrapped in the net of their own sins, caught and handed over to Satan. Keep these words in your hearts and seal them for future disciples.

Let us go. The Stone is rising. Another step forward. Upon the mountain. It must shine on the summit because He is the Sun, the Light, the East. And the Sun shines on summits. It must be on the mountain, because the true Temple is to be seen from all over the world. And I am building it by Myself with the living Stone of My sacrificed Body. I will cement its parts with the lime made with sweat and blood. And I shall be on My throne clothed in bright purple, wearing a new crown, and those who are far away will come to Me, they will work in My Temple, around it. I am the base and the summit. But all around, the abode will expand wider and wider. And I will shape My stones and form My handicraftsman Myself, As I was worked on with a chisel by My Father, by Love, by man and by Hatred, so I will work on them. After the wickedness of the Earth has been removed in only one day, the seven eyes will come to the stone of the eternal Priest to see God, and the seven fountains will flow to defeat Satan's fire.

Satan… Judas, let us go. And remember that time is running short and the Lamb is to be handed over by Thursday evening. »

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