587. From Bethany to Jerusalem.

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Jesus is walking through orchards and olive-groves all in blossom. Even the silvery leaves of the olive-trees look like flowers, pearled as they are with dew, which shimmers in the first light of dawn as the leaves quiver in a gentle scented breeze. Each leafy branch seems the work of a goldsmith and one looks at them admiring their beauty. The almond-trees, which are all already covered with their green foliage, stand out from the white-rosy masses of the other fruit-trees, and under them the vines show their first tender indented leaves, so shiny and silky that they look like very thin scales of emerald or bits of precious silk. High above, the sky is like deep turquoise, clear, placid, solemn. Songs of birds and scents of flowers everywhere. The fresh air restores and makes people happy. The delight of April is really smiling everywhere.

Jesus is in the middle of His twelve apostles. And He speaks.

« I sent the women ahead because I want to speak to you alone. During the first days that I was with you I said to you, to those who were with Me: “Do not upset My Mother informing Her of the evil deeds against Her Son.” Those deeds seemed so grave... Now, you three witnesses of those deeds that were the beginning of the chain by which the Son of man was to be lead to death – you, John, you, Simon, and you, Judas of Kerioth – can clearly see that they were comparable with a grain of sand that falls from above, in comparison with the boulder, the boulders, as such are the present deeds. But then, you, My Mother and I were unprepared for human wickedness. In Good as in Evil man does not become supreme all of a sudden. But he rises or sinks by degrees. The same happens in sorrow. Now, you who are good, have risen in Good and you can realise, without being scandalised as you would have been then, to what point of perversion man can lower himself, when he becomes a demon, just as My Mother and I can bear all the grief coming from man, without dying because of it. We have strengthened our souls. All of us. In Good, in Evil or in Sorrow. And we have not yet reached the summit. We have not yet reached the summit... Oh! if you knew what and how high is the summit of Good, of Evil, of Sorrow! But I repeat to you the words that I spoke then. Do not repeat to My Mother what the Son of man is about to tell you. She would be grieved too deeply. He who is about to be killed drinks the pitiful mixture that stuns him, enabling him to await the hour of torture, without having to tremble every moment. Your silence will be like the pitiful drink for Her, the Mother of the Redeemer!

Now I want to explain the meaning of the prophecies to you, so that nothing may still be obscure to you. And I ask you to be very, very close to Me. During the day I shall belong to everybody. I beg you to be with Me at night, because I want to be with you. I need to feel that I am not alone... »

Jesus is very sad. The apostles notice it and are worried. They gather round Him. Judas also presses against the Master, as if he were the most affectionate of the disciples.

Jesus caresses them and continues: « In this hour that is still granted to Me, I want to complete the knowledge of the Christ in you. At the beginning I made John, Simon and Judas acquainted with the truth of the prophecies concerning My birth. The prophecies have depicted Me better than the greatest painter could possibly do, from the dawn of My life to its end. Nay, that dawn and end are just the two periods most clearly elucidated by the prophets. Now the Christ Who descended from Heaven, the Just One Whom the clouds rained on the Earth, the sublime Shoot, is about to be killed. Crushed like a citron-tree struck by a thunderbolt. So let us speak of His death. Do not sigh, do not shake your heads. Do not grumble in your hearts, do not curse men. It would serve no purpose.

We are going up to Jerusalem. Passover is now close at hand. “This month will be for you the first month of the year”. This month will be for the world the beginning of a new era. It will never end. In vain now and again man will try to fix new ones. Those who want to establish a new era bearing their idolatrous names, will be struck by lightning. There is but one God in Heaven and one Messiah on the Earth: the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth. As He gives His whole Self, He can desire everything, and He puts His royal seal not on what is flesh and filth, but on what is time and spirit.

“On the tenth day of this month each man must take a lamb, one for each family, one for each household. And if the number of people in the household is not sufficient to consume the whole lamb, a man must join his neighbour's family, so that they may be able to consume the whole lamb”. Because the sacrifice and the victim must be complete and consumed. Not even a tiny bit of it must be left over. None will be left. Too many are those who are about to feed on the lamb. A countless number, for a banquet with no time limit, and no more fire is required to consume the remains, because there are no remains. Those parts that are offered and rejected by hatred will be consumed by the very fire of the Victim, by His love. I love you, men. You, My twelve friends, whom I chose personally, you in whom are the twelve tribes of Israel and the thirteen veins of Mankind. I have gathered everything in you and I see everything gathered in you... Everything. »

« But in the veins of Adam's body there is also the vein of Cain. None of us has lifted his hand against his companion. So where is Abel? » asks the Iscariot.

« What you said is true. In the veins of Adam's body there is also the vein of Cain. And I am the Abel, the meek Abel, the shepherd of flocks, pleasant to the Lord because he offered his early fruits and what was faultless, and himself before all his offerings. I love you, men. Even if you do not love Me, I love you. Love hastens and completes the work of the sacrificers.

“It must be a lamb without blemish, a male one year old”. There is no time for the Lamb of God. He is. The same on the last day as He was on the first day of this Earth. He Who is like His Father does not know ageing in His divine nature. And His person knows only one old age and only one tiredness: the disappointment of having come in vain for too many. When you learn how I was killed – and the eyes that will see their Lord changed into a leper covered with sores are now shining with tears beside Me, and they can no longer see this pleasant hill because tears blind them with their liquid veil – you may say: “He did not die of that. He died because He had been unknown to His dearest ones and He had been rejected by too many men”. But if the Son of God has no time-limit, and thus differs from the lamb of the rite, He is equal to it because He is without blemish and a male sacred to the Lord. Yes. In vain the executioners, those who will kill Me with weapons, or with their will or their betrayal, will endeavour to excuse themselves saying: “He was guilty”. No one who is sincere can accuse Me of sin. Can you do so?

We are facing death. I am. Others also are. Who? Do you want to know who, Peter? Everybody. Death advances hour by hour and snatches those who less expect it. But also those who still have a long life to live, are in front of death every moment, because time is a flash compared with eternity, and because at the hour of death even the longest life is reduced to nothing, and actions dozens and dozens of years old, even those of one's early childhood, come back in crowds saying: “Well, you were doing this yesterday.” Yesterday! It is always yesterday when one is dying! And honours and gold for which men long so much are always dust! And the fruit after which one was mad loses all flavour! Women? Money? Power? Science? What is left? Nothing! Only one's conscience and the judgement of God, before Whom goes the conscience, poor and stripped of human protection and wealth, and laden only with its actions.

“Some of the blood must be taken and put on the doorposts and lintel, and the Angel passing over will not strike the houses marked with the blood”. Take My blood. Do not put it on dead stones, but on dead hearts. It is the new circumcision. And I circumcise Myself on behalf of the whole world. I do not sacrifice the useless part, but I break off My magnificent, wholesome, pure virility, I sacrifice it completely, and I take My blood from My mutilated limbs and from the opened veins and I draw rings of salvation on Mankind, rings of eternal nuptials with God Who is in Heaven, with the Father Who is waiting, and I say: “See. Now You can no longer reject them, because You would reject Your blood”.

“And Moses said: ‘...and then dip a spray of hyssop in the blood and sprinkle the doorposts’ ”. So is the blood not sufficient? It is not. Your repentance is to be joined to My blood. Without bitter beneficial repentance, I shall have died for you in vain.

That is the first word in the Book about the Redeeming Lamb. But the Book is strewn with it. As at each new sunrise the blossoms become thicker and thicker on these branches, so, as a new year follows an old one and the time of Redemption draws near, then blossoming becomes more and more luxuriant.

And now with Zechariah I say to you, to you in Jerusalem: “Here is the King Who comes full of meekness riding on a donkey and colt. He is poor.” But He will disperse the mighty ones who oppress men. He is meek, and yet His arm raised to bless will defeat the demon and death. “He will announce peace, because He is the King of peace.” Although crucified, He will stretch His domination from sea to sea. “He Who does not shout, Who does not break, Who does not put out those who are not light but smoke, those who are not strength but weakness, those who deserve all reproach, He will do justice according to truth.” Your Messiah, o city of Zion, your Messiah, o people of the Lord, your Messiah, o people of the Earth.

“Without being sad or turbulent”, and you can see how there is not in Me the resentful sadness of the defeated, or the rancorous sorrow of the perverted, but only the seriousness of one who sees to what extent the possession of Satan in men can go, and you see how for three years I have incessantly stretched out My hands inviting everybody to love, and My hands will be stretched out again and they will be wounded, although I could reduce My enemies to ashes and disperse them with a simple act of My will! “Without being sad or turbulent I will be successful in establishing My Kingdom.” That Kingdom of Christ in which is the salvation of the world.

The Eternal Lord My Father says to Me: “I have called You, I have taken You by the hand, I have appointed You alliance between peoples and God, I have made You the light of the nations.” And I have been light. Light to open the eyes of the blind, word to give speech to the deaf, key to open the underground prisons of those who were in the darkness of error.

And now, I Who am all that, am going to My death. I will enter the darkness of death. Death, do you understand?... The first things announced, are now being fulfilled, I also say with the prophet. I will tell you the rest before the Demon separates us.

There is Zion over there. Go and get the donkey and the colt. Say to the man: “Rabbi Jesus needs them.” And tell My Mother that I am about to arrive. She is up there, on that slope, with the Maries. She is waiting for Me. It is My human triumph... Let it be Her triumph. Always joined together. Oh! joined!...

And who is the heart of a hyena that with his claw tears the heart of a mother's heart: Me, Her Son? A man? No. Every man is born of a woman. And by instinct and moral consideration he cannot be pitiless towards a mother, because he thinks of “his own”. So it is not a man. Who, then? A demon. But can a demon offend the Vic-tress? He must touch Her to offend Her. And Satan cannot bear the virginal light of the Rose of God. So? Whom do you say it is? Are you not speaking? Then I will tell you. The most cunning demon has blended with the most corrupt man, and like the poison enclosed in the teeth of an asp, the demon is closed in him who can approach the Woman and thus bite Her treacherously. Cursed be the hybrid monster that is Satan and is man! Shall I curse it? No. It is not the word of a Redeemer. Then I say to the soul of this hybrid monster what I said to Jerusalem, the monstrous city of God and of Satan: “Oh, if in this hour still granted to you, you could come to the Saviour!”

There is no love greater than Mine! Neither is there a greater power. Also My Father agrees if I say: “I want”, and I can speak but compassionate words for those who have fallen and stretch their arms towards Me from their abyss. O soul of the greatest sinner, your Saviour on the threshold of death bends over your abyss and invites you to take His hand. My death will not be avoided... But you... but you... would be saved, you whom I still love, and the soul of your Friend would not be horrified at the thought that He is aware of the horror of death and of such death through the deed of his friend... »

Jesus is silent... exhausted...

The apostles whisper to one another and they ask: « But who is He speaking of? Who is it? »

And Judas, lying shamelessly, says: « It is certainly one of the false Pharisees... I think it must be Joseph or Nicodemus, or Chuza and Manaen... Every man is anxious to save his life and his property... I know that Herod... And I know that the Sanhedrin. He trusted them too much! You know that even yesterday they were not present?! They haven’t the courage to face Him… »

Jesus does not hear him. He has gone ahead and has joined His Mother, Who is with the Maries and with Martha and Susanna. Only Johanna of Chuza is absent from the group of the pious women.

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